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Beavercreek, Oregon. It's so small it's not even considered a town it's a "Hamlet" it's not the hood it's the wood, meaning that the trees out number the people hell the horses out number the people! A lot of Hardworking blue collar country folk claim this as their stomping grounds, dont be surprised to see lifted rigs, lifted cars, old school muscle cars, to tractors and dirtbikes moving down the main roads, Beavercreek is it's own little world that will never be changed.

The population is:
10% old people

10% tweakers
2% black
2% Mexican
.5% Asian

25% Caucasian

.5% Oregon City Losers

Other names for Beavercreek

The 632
The Hamlet

B Creek
Guy 1: where are all the best riders and hottest girls at round here?
Guy 2: Beavercreek!
Guy 1: the 632?
Guy 2: you bet your ass there in the hamlet
by WHYTBOOY November 18, 2016
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