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beaudar |ˈbō, där| pronounced like "bow" as in "bow and arrow"
noun informal, humorous, diminutive (uncountable)

beau + -dar

This word is used to describe:
• the supposed ability of one to recognize if their romantic partner is nearby through incalculable means, similar to extrasensory perception (ESP).
• the alleged capacity of one to find their romantic partner with precision and speed by similar means of very slight indications or other elements of intuitiveness- in settings in which such would seem challenging, e.g. public events, crowded restaurants.

In contemporary use in the United States, beau is a term of endearment and can be used to mean significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, darling, babe, baby etc. In French “beau” means boyfriend, beautiful or male admirer. Though there is some presence of controversy for the word bae, it can be used synonymously, as can boo.

As a suffix -dar signifies the ability to detect a thing, and is often used humorously. The etymological origins of -dar come from the word radar; which was originally an acronym coined by the U.S. Navy in 1940, meaning Radio Detection And Ranging. Other derivatives of radar include, jewdar and gaydar.

Beaudar consequently is a colloquialism formed through the process of derivation and reflects the contemporary concepts and the emerging need to communicate our distinctive, yet instinctive, connections to others.
"Girl how did you know your man was going to be here? You must have some beaudar or something!"

Its first use was idiolect by nature. After a long three-hour course in Applied Research Methods, at 121 South Main Street in Providence Rhode Island in Brown University’s Public Health School on the second floor, student, Krystal, asked her favorite friend Nishtha if her beaudar picked up on the fact that, Andrew, (current beau) was down the hall in the computer lab.
by Idiolect K March 03, 2015
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