When you nut on your partners back and the fluid drips down their back right through their ass crack
My bedsheets got fucked up last night cause that beatlejuice just slid down Heather’s back like water
by DubaiPortaPotty January 22, 2021
A person (jessicalovesjonesy) off of TSN (TheStreetNetwork) who has quickly found acceptance and love rather quickly from TSN regulars such as Zotz, 6Raining6Blood6, as well as others, and secured a spot in the TSN royalty.

The name was created by Zotz who thought her striped shirt and checkered hair band made her look like the character of the same name.
Beatlejuice is here!
When certain people think that an object is high design, but is actually tacky. (ie. a chair with a wavy back, those martini glasses with the zigzag. All the furniture in the movie Beatlejuice.)
Joan really loved her new lamp, but we all knew it was pure Beatlejuice.
by C. Linden September 13, 2006