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A roommate who is always in the room, a non-believer in the open-beat policy, and a refuser when asked to leave for "personal time."

Oftentimes found in military colleges, this individual is not involved in any extracurricular activities, club sports, or organizations. Though he takes a full load of courses, his roommates tend to find him in the room more often than away, preventing the ever necessary daily beat from occurring.

The beat block's actions often lead to hostility amongst roommates, as the pressure build up becomes more and more difficult to bear.
"My 0900 was form up fall out, I was pumped I could finally get a beat in, but when I got back to the room the beat block was already in there!"

"Damn man, that happens to me every time! It's like his teachers and mine both plan to cancel their classes to spite me."
by trynafuck December 08, 2009
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