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A rather large woman that has a beard.

A mythical beast that resides in cool moist places and has 5 o clock shadow at 8 AM and is of the female species. Musk is produced in the genital regions and is the most pungent odor known to man. It has been said that the Beardsley totes a Pantry with massive quantities of high caloric food. In rare instances the Beardsley will burp or scratch at her leathery skin producing a grainy, dry sound. It has been reported that the Beardsley has more chest hair than an Italian man. Recent research has shown that uncontrollable body dandruff is also a key feature of a Beardsley.

I saw a Beardsley buying a Mach 3 Turbo today!!
by Breather February 19, 2007
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apathy towards a depressing, unfortunate, and pathetic circumstances or situations.
"Damn your girlfriend dumped you and your mom forced you out of the house"
"It's whatever. like, its beardsley"

"that blows"
"beardsley dude"
by Inthecuts September 15, 2009
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