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A new sub-genre of music, started in America, which comprises of so called "Happy Hardcore" metal music. The songs are lyrically sung rather than shouted, but all the major ideals from metal are there (the double pedal, drop tuned guitars, breakdowns.) The only major difference is the songs are played in a major (or "happy") key. Beardcore is attached to this small sub-genre, because of the leading band, Four Year Strong (Who together have more hair than a sheep)
"Hey dude, you checked out this beardcore band?"
"OMG they're so rad, I gotta buy their merch and grow a beard to beat them!"
by jon_sparky November 10, 2008
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Beardcore is for those who:
* have a beard
* aspire to have a beard
* like beards
* love beards
* think beards are hot
* think beards rock
* are hardcore in general
"Wow look at that beard! He's so beardcore!"
"I wish I was as hardcore as you.... BEARDCORE!"
by rhino_loupe June 12, 2007
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A subgenre of indie music characterized by folk or country-twinged songwriters who intertwine wistfulness and irony in such a way that each element cannot be plucked from the tune. They also wear beards. The most well known purveyors of this genre are Iron & Wine and Will Oldham.
Damn, I love that Beardcore music. Rivers Cuomo is such an enema.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 06, 2005
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Beardcore is a sub-genre of metal, or hardcore rock.
The members of a beardcore band often all have beards, hence the name.
Do I listen to beardcore? Did you mean Four Year Strong?
I'm pretty sure you meant Four Year Strong.
by Handsomely Bearded June 09, 2011
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