This word comes from little England, where there is a place called Battersea Dogs Home. Used when one sees a dog-ugly girl.
English Chav 1: Brair, check out that biatch over there! (forgets to breathe and asphyxiates)
English Chav 2: Yeah, blad! She's from Battersea!
by notachav January 19, 2006
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sneaking off for some midnight loving.
"Where's Couzens, he was here a minute ago?"
"oh, he's Going To Battersea"
by Kittae2 December 10, 2009
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To take the dick out before it happens

Battersea Park is the railroad station before London Victoria, nearly the end of the journey.
I shall be careful. I shall get off in Battersea Park.
by Manuel G. R. April 1, 2007
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