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Pertaining to the theoretical world of sexual bases; batters box refers to the pre-first base status of no titillating action.
She has never fondled with another person before; she is still in the batters box.
by Jesse M. Garcia July 26, 2008
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A party game in which a "batting order" is established by a group of up to 9 bros at a party that sequentially calls for the individuals of the group to "step into the box and take hacks", or spit game at drunk bitches, or pitchers. Bases and RBI's are based on the sexiness, level of intoxication, and the progress made against the pitcher during the at bat; as determined by the bystanding bros. Statistics can be tallied the following day and can accumulate over a calendar year before starting a new season. The game can also be played in teams of up to 9 to make it a team-oriented game opposed to one solely rewarding for the individual; the difference being that the success of each at bat is fairly and intelligently determined by the opposing teams to the respective individual up to bat. It is important to remember that part of being on offense and preparing one's self/cumulative team for successful outings is maintaining the discreteness of the game throughout the process, so the pitchers are less prone to catching on to the fun and more prone to leaving a fat fucking hanger up in the zone to be talliwhacked four hundred and fifty fucking feet by yourself or one of your homies.
Since Bob's got that long dick confidence, he's gonna hit clean-up in our Batter's Box game tonight at Chili's.
by gigakong3100 December 31, 2013
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A sexual act where the man is on all fours and backs into his partners mouth, he then proceeds to fart in the partners mouth while getting jacked off. The Penis is the bat, the man is the batter and the partners mouth is the on deck circle or batters box.
When you are extremely horny but your stomach hurts, you might want to ask her for the batters box
by The_Final_Truth June 02, 2011
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