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planking from an inverted position so that your feet are flexed on the top of an object. gives the appearance that one is a bat, or batman
batmaning is way more intense than planking
by amann24 August 28, 2011
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When one is driving at night, turns off their lights and says "Batman".This dangerous technique is used to evade enemies in pursuit. If possible, pull into a dark side alley to let them pass. This tactic is useful for evading police as well.
"Dude, they're tailing us. What we going to do?"

-turns off headlights-

"No worries man. I'm batmaning!"
by dangles November 01, 2012
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Finding out as much information on a person without their knowledge using mutual friends or social media.
"I met this really nice girl in class the other day. I think its time to begin Batmaning"
by MikeKeaton August 23, 2012
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(verb) to leave a chatroom unexpectedly with out announcing it to others
Chatter 1: Hello?
Chatter 2: Hi!
Chatter 2: ...
Chatter 2: Goddamnit! Stop Batman'ing on me!
by Sallyandthestars September 13, 2009
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Batmaning or to Batman someone is the act of talking to them for an extended amount of time. When or if they turn the opposite direction, mid-conversation, you slip away un-noticed and un-detected. This is the elusive art of...BATMAN(ing)
Batmanee: "So I was looking up pictures of cats the other day, and the weirdest thing happened..."
*Batmanee turns to pick up an object or look at something*
Batmaner: "Oh yeah? What's that?"
*He slyly slips away from the conversation, behind a door or a wall, anything that conceals his entire body*
Batmanee: "It was this picture of..."
*notices there is no more Batmaner*
Batmanee: "Ah shit, I've been Batmaned! I can't believe he was Batmaning me that whole time!"
by SUPERMANWANNABE January 28, 2014
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Batmaning is a form of loving torture. To Batman someone, you must choose a victim you are able to hug or kiss on, preferably a sexual partner. The person doing the Batmaning must get undressed and don a Batman mask or cowl and sneak into bed with the victim. The point is to try to get cuddled up with them and get them all hot and bothered before they realize that you are in fact Batman! Works best with overly serious lovers.

Past tense:


Common variants:

Darth Maul mask = Maul'd

Optimus Prime = Prime'd
David was Batman'd in the shower yesterday.

Claire really likes Batmaning her homophobic boyfriend.

Yo, man, the other day I got Prime'd!
by Damnitsasha March 22, 2010
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The act/art of going into a public place dressed as Batman, and acting as if nothing you were doing was unusual.
"Hey you should come with us this week end! We're heading down to Taco Bell to go Batmaning!"
by Chillin' with the moon August 23, 2011
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