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To masturbate to another person that you've personally met, generally without them knowing.
See that cocktail waitress over there, I'm going to bate-rape her soo bad tonight!
by Joey, Justin, Jeffrey February 19, 2006
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similar to masturrape, bate rape means to masturbate to someone or their pictures, or to think about them while you masturbate.
i bate rape my crush every night
by xaxaxa June 25, 2010
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Telling a girl, preferably one who finds you to be a creep/unattractive, that you've masturbated to her. A play-on-words from "date rape".
guy: You were on my mind all night, allison.
girl: You keep bate raping me and your testicles will not be found again.
by Blackbird February 06, 2005
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