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She is all around a bitch. She is super dramatic and bi polar af. Everyone thinks she's cool but she actually sucks. She is retarded and just all around dumb.
"OMG my dog was being such a Basie to my cat"
by LOW-KEY PERFECT May 20, 2018
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A Basie is an amazing friend. She is a smart, loving, and beautiful person. She is always on your mind. Whether you talked to her today, or 5 years ago, she will always be on your mind. She makes you laugh uncontrollably. A Basie is most of the time blond, but they can be red headed. Basie is the most beautiful girl you will meet. If you love a Basie, your lucky. If she loves you back, you are super lucky. My best friend is named Basie, so let me tell you something. Never forget the time you and Basie spend together.
Girl 1: Have you met that Basie girl?
Girl 2: Yeah, She is an amazing friend!

Love, Abby
by ItzlilRose1273 December 28, 2018
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