In hebrew means "too bad"
Or- "Bummer"
Tania: My dog totally got killed today.
Tom: Basa!

Michelle: What a basa, I can't go to the partey.
George: Yeah, basa!
by Mic_gi March 17, 2005
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A misunderstood individual who has deep emotions. Can be trusted and loves to great lengths. Hard headed but soft for the right one
You are so lucky to have a basa
by Fax.9876 January 30, 2020
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miguel. a loser. a mexican. BASICALLY just MIGUEL
damn hes a BASA
by da mexicana May 16, 2003
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A person who get frustrated by technological difficulties.
Mark is a basas, he starts yelling when the internet stops working.
by Mikelike June 18, 2018
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