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Driving at high speed through an area not intended for vehicles.
How did you break your arm?

We were barrelassing through the field and rolled the go-kart.
by Iridescent Shadow December 30, 2008
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Going ridiculously fast, preferably down hill.
So i was on my sled, right, and i was barrel-assing down the hill...


Woah.. did you see that Viper go barrel-assing past us?
by Goldphishe August 24, 2004
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The act of driving very fast on a road or highway or street. Can also be applied to the act of pursuing a personal or professional goal. Originated in the 1960's, originally used in Brooklyn NY, describing a return trip from the Catskills in Upstate NY.
"I had to be back to light the boiler at the plant, so here I am barrel assing down the highway right past a cop." "He is determined, I mean he's barrel assing toward his goals."
by Charlie 1970 to Joey The Kid December 18, 2011
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