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when you get entirely wasted to the point you barf and fart epic amounts at the same time.
sometimes results in a friend having to check the barfarter's pants to make sure it was only a fart.
Jane- "Hi Lou. How was your weekend?"
Lou- "Fine. How was yours?"
Jane- "Pretty swell. Except Sally got so drunk at our party that she barfarted everywhere."
by HellaManderr January 14, 2009
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What happens when you are really drunk and making out with someone then you accidently throw up into their mouth. Immediately after the barfing ceases, or during the barfing, you fart.
Maddy had a bit too much to drink last night and barfarted on her boyfriend, now everyone will make fun of her for the rest of her life.
by Gavinnnn February 01, 2006
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