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When you're shifting(french kissing) a right beure (good looking girl) and you put your hands down her leggings/skirt and underwear and grab her ass (hence why it's called bare arse you grab her bare arse) used in Ireland mainly in the west i.e. Galway, Mayo
Friend: That girl you were with in town didya get with her?

Lad: Sham it was more than that I slipped my hand down her knickers and I got to bare arse her

Friend: Seriously she's such a feek you're a lucky prick

Lad: Shup ya dirty fridget
by CheekyShifter June 24, 2018
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When your feeking a feen and you put your hand down here pants and squeeze
Did you barearse her last night ?
by Wellboi November 10, 2017
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