An amazing girl who knows exactly what’s going on at all times and has a great personality as well as looks.
Wow, she truly is a bardot.
by G0rl October 30, 2018
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Brigitte Bardot was born on September 28, 1934, in Paris, France.

She is one of the sexiest women on Earth. Her beauty is not that we call "classic" but she is very gentle and charming. Brigitte's visiting card is her hair style "Babetta" and little plump lips.

Now Brigitte has devoted her life to protecting animals. She doesn't communicate with the peolpe from her star life - with the actors and actresses, with the directors and just the people who want to use her.

Her most famous films are:
1. Et Dieu... créa la femme (1956) .... Juliete Hardy
... aka ...And God Created Woman (USA)
... aka And Woman... Was Created (UK)
... aka E Dio creò la donna (Italy)
... aka Piace a troppi (Italy)
2. Une parisienne (1957) .... Brigitte Laurier
... aka La Parisienne (USA)
... aka Parigina, Una (Italy)
3. En cas de malheur (1958) .... Yvette Maudet
... aka In Case of Adversity (UK: literal English title)
... aka Love Is My Profession (USA)
... aka Ragazza del peccato, La (Italy)
4. Femme et le pantin, La (1959) .... Eva Marchand
... aka A Woman Like Satan (UK)
... aka Femmina (Italy)
... aka The Female
5. Babette s'en va-t-en guerre (1959) .... Babette
... aka Babette Goes to War (USA)
6. Vérité, La (1960) .... Dominique Marceau
... aka The Truth (UK) (USA)
... aka Verità, La (Italy)
7. Mépris, Le (1963) .... Camille Javal
... aka Contempt (USA)
... aka Disprezzo, Il (Italy)
9. Don Juan ou Si Don Juan était une femme... (1973) .... Jeanne
... aka Don Juan 73
... aka Don Juan, or If Don Juan Were a Woman (UK)
... aka Donna come me, Una (Italy)
... aka Ms. Don Juan
Brigitte Bardot is always adorable.
by XanniTa April 2, 2008
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