Baqir Batool Syndrome (BBS), is a condition which causes individuals to develop psychological associations of everything to Baqir Batool.

Severe forms of BBS is accompanied by hallucinations and a gut feeling of wanting to vomit.

BBS is classified as a contested illness due to doubt about the legitimacy of the condition.
Person with BBS: Did Lil Wayne just say Ahmed?
Person without BBS: No, you just have Baqir Batool Syndrome.
by Aqeela May 28, 2019
Smoking hot guy. Super lean. Super healthy. Healthy ego with an unhealthy addiction. Very good friends with everyone. SSS would fuck. Nice for no reason. All about drive, all about power, he stays hungry, he devours, he puts in the work, he puts in the hours and takes whats his.
by spoiderman November 21, 2021