A satire subbreddit that gamers are too stupid to understand
Person 1: "So man,

what have you been up to
Person 2: "I've been showing how horrible Gamers are in

Person 1:"
Fucking idiot

Little did Justpassinghereman know he's the real idiot
by Thesauruz5 November 27, 2020
Banvideogames is a Subreddit where Idiots create made up stories about gamers being Nazis and Racists
Person 1: "So man, what have you been up to?"
Person 2: "I've been showing how horrible Gamers are in r/banvideogames"
Person 1:"Fucking idiot"
by Justpassinghereman May 2, 2020
A subreddit of people doing like they are Karen and Darens against video games. Do not be fooled, the subreddit is satire. They will laugh at you if you start to defend video games because they will not stop trying to post the most ridiculous replies to anger you. For the people in the back, This. Sub. Is. Satire. Do. Not. Believe. This. Is. Real.
Person that doesn't get that it's a joke: Video games are not causing genocide Karen stfu
Literally everyone else on r/BanVideoGames : Typical gamer nazi behaviour.

Person that doesn't get that it's a joke: *gets mad and continues to argue*

This will go on and on and on.
by The Priest Of Niggalations October 2, 2020
A satirical subreddit where people imitate Karen's and want to ban video games.
The subreddit claims that all gamer's are Nazis and homophobic. The subreddit regularly gets brigaded by angry gamers.
- Ugh Karens created a subreddit called r/BanVideoGames. I'm so angry, like why do they want to ban video games ?
-It is actually a satirical subreddit.
by fgrgurabod August 12, 2020
A subreddit on the social media site "Reddit" in which members talk about the harmful aspects of gaming, this is done in an exaggerated, satirical manner.
Mom: Son i need you to stop playing video games and work on your life for once, you are really being a burden on me and i know you're an atheist but that is the worst kind of sin

Son: STFU karen, go back to r/BanVideoGames
by September 6, 2020
A subreddit that pretends to be vehemently against all gamers to ridiculous extremes. They will never admit that they are kidding, as part of the joke and to ridicule people who fall for it.
r/BanVideoGames: Literally all gamers are racists and nazis, no exceptions.
Gamer: This is stupid. I am a gamer, but I am not a nazi.
r/BanVideoGames: Liar!
by maliorpemdotak September 15, 2020
A christian Facebook group dedicated to fight the evil that is g*ming and the racism, sexism and nazism it causes. We will not give up and we will not fail.
Person 1: "I used to be a g*mer, but I realized it's evil and changed my ways"
Person 2: "Tat's great! Please come to r/banvideogames to help us fight g*ming!"
by throwaway_insertnum September 15, 2020