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Boobs that sag all the way down to your ankles.
Dude, that chick has bankles!
by Patrick Murphy September 07, 2005
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Bankles: The name for a person without a butt , whose back and ankles are simply joined by a straight drop with no butt between.(Someone without a butt.)
That man has bankles because he has no but.
by Olly Jolly October 18, 2017
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gross negligence of ones own body where the person seems to have no clear definition between their butt and ankles.
Schenone: DAMN!
Brown: Dude, Wow!
Schenone: those are crazy cankles.
Brown. thats way past cankles dude. easily Thankles
Schenone: Bankles?
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When a pregnant woman thinks there is no separation from her booty to her ankle
Girl , you need to put on some thigh high boots to cover up your bankle !
by sanbox May 16, 2018
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