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a technique used to stimulate thinking, solve problems, resolve any issues, and create new ideas for and about sex acts by unrestrained and spontaneous discussion, simulation, and, very often, alcohol.
After the bodyshots I told her I wanted to slurpee her so hard.
What's a slurpee?
No idea. We had to bangstorm it out.
by bripri March 05, 2011
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Similar to "brainstorming", which is when one partakes in deep thought in an attempt to solve a problem, "bangstorming" is when one attempts to solve the problem of finding a member of the opposite sex to bang.

Usually occurs after a night of drinking, around 3 in the morning.
*Sitting in the bar after closing*
Christian: Dammit! I've texted every girl in my phonebook. No one is answering and I'm beginning to think I won't find a girl to bang.
Madison: You just need to bangstorm a little harder and you'll think of someone.
*10 minutes later*
Christian: OH! I forgot about Emily! She's a super slut!
by Menardness January 31, 2015
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