Also can be thought of as, "u r ban Dictionary". Assumed subconscious, subtle action on UD's part to get readers (read: possible government investigators) to believe they're participating in something taboo-like. Notice the logo on the top left; "ban" is raised for a reason.
ban Dictionary. Our definitions should totally be banned.
by Inys June 23, 2009
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Haha funny it looks like your banned dictionary hahahahaha hahaha ha ha ha hahaha ha ha hehehehehe he
Bill: Hey, tell me a joke.

Tommy: Your ban dictionary
Bill: hahahahahahahahahahahaha that’s hilarious
by RatPigDog March 19, 2021
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Another nickname for this site. This is typically used because alot of the definitions contained are extremely vulgar or profane, therefore they would be banned in a normal dictionary.

It is also an exaggerated form of this site's name because many definitions are rejected, which is also related to bans if continuous spams are sent.

Sometimes this term can be used for the amount of bans everyday, ranging from people who are unoriginal with definitions, to inside jokes.
I was on Ur-Banned Dictionary today, turns out I got an IP-ban for writing a fucking article on how I consume Cyanide Pills on a daily basis.

Ur-Banned Dictionary is shit. My definitions keep getting rejected because the judges think they're stupid and that I should get a disease also reffered to as a crab of the constellations that will never stop growing until a cure is found.
by KobeIsHere February 28, 2017
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What the Urban Dictionary logo looks like it says. This is also a term where you see a non christian word on the site and you report it.
Is that Urban Dictionary, or Ur Ban Dictionary?
by Yoshi Stamp3d3 May 20, 2019
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Attention-seeking Urban Dictionary users who opt to write about their own experiences/inside jokes in the first person rather than provide definitions one typically expects a dictionary to have.
My-ban Dictionary Users will probably get butthurt by this entry
by whoreboys March 24, 2020
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