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1. to kidnap someone convicted in absentia, and deposit them on the courthouse steps for processing.

After André Bamberski, who successfully employed this tactic on his daughter's killer.
He raped my niece in El Paso, then ran back to Juárez. The DA couldn't extradite him, so I had to bamberski the piece of shit.
by let's make it a trend October 21, 2009
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bam-ber-ski (verb) To take matters into your own hands when being blocked by something or someone stupid or selfish and you are entirely in the right.
cf. the action of one Mr Bamberski, who caught his daughter's killer and delivered him, bound and gagged, to a competent court. Said killer had been convicted in absentia, but had not been extradited by his country of residence.
by QWPA October 22, 2009
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Taking the law into your own hands after the law has failed to act.
After 5-0 failed to catch the thief we decided to bamberski the motherfucker and dropped him off on the courthouse steps.
by Arthur Jumbles October 21, 2009
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