Bam slam has many meanings, all of which are great. It is a common exclamation similar to "Great!" and "Awesome!" And also shares close relations to phrases like "sucks to suck!" It is definitely a trending thing. Anyone who says it is bound to be deemed the cool one in their society.
"Whoa! You just won the lottery!"
"Bam slam!"

"Damnit Maurice! Why'd you do that?"
*shrugs* "Bam slam!"


"Wow, Kurtain, you did amazing on that test!"
"Bam Slam!"

"You went skydiving?! That's some Bam Slammery right there."
by bamslammery November 18, 2014
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When one cannot seem to simple say "shit". That person is overly excited by the given situation, and has to exclaim how great the thing he/she is talking about.
NORMAL: Hmm, this apple pie really is the shit.
OVERLY EXCITED: Holy fucking cowballs! This apple pie is the shiznittle bam slam!
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
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A slam bam is a sandwich that is made in a hurry, or it doesn't contain a lot of ingredients.
Boom! That is how you make a slam bam.
I had a slam bam for breakfast.
by CDG.DDG May 29, 2021
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when one person jumps on another person with their whole body and all their weight
wham bam... BODY SLAM!
by Cori May 17, 2004
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a fam of supercool peeps that woop ass and slam-bam evil. The slam-bam fam likes: fluffy hoodies, camo stuff and bad jokes.
Person 1: What's up broskis?

Person 2&3: What up slam bam fam
by jd520 May 14, 2020
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