1. A charater from yu-gi-oh, an anime. Voiced by Ted Lewis.Originally from egypt, Bakura is an evil spirit that resides in the Millenium ring and takes over Ryou (his host)often in the series.

He is one fine peice of animated arse

He is lusted after by many fangirls

2. A planet from starwars
1." Bakura is lyke so kawaii!!11!one! "
by Adella August 3, 2004
an extremely British character in Yu-Gi-Oh

he is often referred to as gay and the apparent lover of the other apparently gay (and definitely gay) character Marik, but this is only in the abridged series on youtube.com

he is often possesed by an evil spirit

in my opinion, he's very, very adorable

in the abridged series, he is referred to as Florence or a kitty, thought he comments as, "Not a kitty." he also once says, "I don't care," in both series to Marik
Bakura is not a KITTY!!!!!!!!!
by captainfuzzybutt May 4, 2010
A character in the Japanese animation TV show, Yuugiou (Yu-Gi-Oh). Bakura is a teenaged boy with pale purple-white hair who holds the Sennen (Millennium) Ring. Contained within the Sennen Ring is another spirit who shares the name Bakura and is referred to as Yami (Dark) Bakura or as 'The Spirit of the Ring' Often Bakura is referred to as Ryou by the fandom, even though no one in the show refers to him as such and the US adaptation of the anime did not give him a personal name.
Bakura is Yuugi's friend

Bakura is often prossesed by the darkness of the Sennen Ring.
by Fran April 21, 2004
Ancient Spirit of the Sennen Ring from the manga, Yuugiou. Also known as Yami Bakura, Mou Hitori no Bakura, Touzokuo Bakura, Doroboo Bakura or any number of fangirl names. He is mostly portrayed as an evil spirit although some fangirls (including yours truly) tend to give him a more human side from the canonical sadistic bastard from the manga. His host is Bakura Ryou.
1. Bakura likes to kill squirrels.
2. Darkshipping and Yamishipping are examples of yaoi pairings containing Bakura.
3. 'Lyk Bakura is eeeeeeeeevil u cant like him u freakin goff girl dats just sad. yami is soooooo much mor hotter!!!11!!one1exclamationmark!' --A strange fangirl on sugar.
by Henny-dono October 3, 2005
From the show Yu-Gi-Oh!, he is also known as Dark Bakura and Yami no Bakura. He is the evil spirit that resides in the Sennen Ring. In both the American and Japanese versions of the show and in the manga Ryou (Dark Bakura's host) is known also as Bakura. But for most people who read/write fanfiction they know him as just Ryou
Mmm Bakura is sooo hot!
by Carol February 27, 2005
Bakura is the evil spirit that resides in the Millennium Ring. Bakura, not to be confused with Ryou, the possesor of the Millennium Ring.
Bakura is so sexy!
by Chebie March 1, 2004
Bakura is a popular character from the anime/manga Yuugiou. He holds the Sennen Ring and is the host to the ancient Egyptian spirit known generally as Yami no Bakura.

His first name is Ryou, but he is never addressed by it, as is the custom for Japanese boys.
"Bakura! Come over here!"
by Loki April 21, 2004