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Bajow is a college drinking game in which the "bajow" refers to a big ass jug of wine(at least 3 liters). The basic object of the game is to pass the bajow around in a circle. Each person drinks. The person that finishes it wins and names it after another person's mom. There are some important rules for this game:
1. Once the wine is opened, no one may leave the game until it is finished.
2. To begin the game, their must be a payslap where the wine is passed around and everyone takes a 2 second sip. Then the game may begin.
3. After the payslap, no one new may enter the game.
4. To hold the wine, one must insert the pinky in to the finger holder and support the weight of the wine with their shoulder.
5. If a participant takes a breath or takes their lips away from the bottle, their turn to drink has ended.
6. After the bajow is named after someone's mother, it is to be signed by every participant. They may also leave a comment.
You can take any red wine in a 3 liter bottle and pass it around in a circle while drinking it. Whoever finishes it wins a bajow.
by jlaw25 October 14, 2009
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Pronounced: bazhow, ba-zhow

A term of joy/excitement/shock, similar to whoa, wow or by saying "Oh Shit!", "Fuck!", "Damn!" etc.

It can also be used as a question similar to "What?", "Wha?" "WTF?" etc.

Less used as short form of greeting, like hey!

Commonly found in districts of North London, UK
Shock: BAJOW!!
Excitement: Bajow!
Joy: Bajowww!
Question: Bajow?
Greeting: bajow
by DazMeUK July 14, 2006
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