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The same group of people who run Bangbus
going around and tricking straight men into having sex with a homosexual.
HAHA! Look at that stupid fucking loser that fell for the baitbus.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
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A pornographic film series in which a bunch of homosexual men use a hot woman to bait some retarded guy into a bus, tell him it's the legendary "Bang Bus," and say that they are going to blindfold him and let the hot girl suck him off.
Bob got baited into the bus and wound up being blown by a guy!
by Hippy on a Bicycle October 22, 2003
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A van, usu. at least 10 years old, preferably with rust and a minimal number of windows that is often driven by creeps and/or child molesters.
the bait is often candy or an attractive woman, which entices the unsuspecting victim into the car to be anally penetrated.
"Holy shit did you see that baitbus?"

"Yeah, it might as well say free candy on the side"
by baitbro July 20, 2009
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