Mother's babyspeak for a baby bottle.
Awwwww, does baby want his bah-bah? There, there... bu bu bu bu... don't cry.
by FST November 19, 2004
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A strange term of endearment used between goofy Blacktino men & small Hot-Topic shoppin' Philippino women. It is meant to mimick the noise a sheep makes (as in "Bah-Bah black sheep, have you any wool"). Needless to say, this is probably not a term many people will ever have use for... But hey, knowledge is power, right?
- "Hey bah-bah, bring me a pop-tart?"
- "Yes, bah-bah... if the Sheep can have a bite..."
by BadtzGirl October 7, 2005
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When a girls vagina is nicely shaved and is not a hairy at all.
I only like girls with bah bah pie. NOT hairy scary.

Group: "That man is getting arrested and still knows whats up!"
by silly-loves-billy July 11, 2008
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Originally started from an apex player, referring to noise someone makes when playing like a shitter, basically a wet chin.
This kids literally a "bee bee bah bah"
by MoistSaladJuice April 21, 2019
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a person you have a thing for, and you're in the "almost" phase of dating. it would be cheating to hook up with anyone else, even though you aren't official yet.
you can be in a bah guh bah, or a person can be your bah guh bah
by caiters love September 29, 2008
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a slang that means bitch in some parts of Somalia
Worya, Bah Bah- Come here, bitch
by MadLadChris November 13, 2020
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