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A combination of "BAE" and "basic." If you have a crush on a girl but she's a basic bitch than she's your baesic.
Heather is totally my bae!

Dude! She drinks pumpkin spice latex every day and wears nothing but ugg boots, Love Pink sweatshirts, and yoga pants.

I don't care! Those yoga pants and her dreamcatcher tramp stamp really show off dat whooty. Heather is my baesic.
by Johnny Kanaka November 29, 2016
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You best friend who, despite your unconditional love and attempts to make them not appear idiotic, is forever a basic bitch.
Rachel: Ugh why do you hang out with Gabby? She's so basic.

Megan: I know, but she's been my Bae since high school.
Rachel: How Baesic.
by Basic Betch July 12, 2014
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A lover, significant other, or side chick/dude who is widely regarded as basic, consistent with the generally accepted criteria of that state of being, especially as relates to a rebound or anyone who succeeds (or is simultaneous with) a more interesting, intelligent, or worthy counterpart.

See also basic
Have you seen his new girlfriend? How could he even date her after me? #BAESIC

This n*gga don't think I know what he's up to! Who would cheat with such a baesic?
by Devon Guy April 30, 2018
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