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The ghetto portion of North Philly! Can also be used to describe any ghetto parts of Philadelphia, PA for that matter.
My boy just got back from the badlands with some banging dope!
by Lakitu1983 July 29, 2007
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A Band formed in the late 80s by Jake E. Lee after he left Ozzy Osbourne's Band. the band consisted of Jake E. Lee on Guitar (and keyboards on the albums), Ray Gillen on Vocals, Eric Singer on Drums and Greg Chaisson on Bass. the Bands debut self titled album was released in 1989 with their second album Voodoo Highway being released in 1991. Eric Singer left Badlands before the recording sessions for Voodoo Highway and was replaced by former Racer X vocalist Jeff Martin who also played Drums. The band broke up in early 1993 due to friction between Ray Gillen and Jake E. Lee and the members went their separate ways with Ray Gillen forming Sun Red Sun, Jake forming Wicked Alliance while Greg and Jeff went on to join various minor bands. Jeff rejoined Racer X sometime in the late 90s and remains with them. Ray Gillen sadly passed away on December 1st 1993 due to AIDS complications. The band had recorded demos for their next album in 1993 before the break up and these demos where eventually released as Dusk in the late 90s on the Pony Canon record label.
Badlands are the most underrated band of all time.
by Thunder Of Ozz March 14, 2009
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grundle, taint, derf
space between balls and anus
she told me I had a rash on my badlands. I said where's that? She said its your taint. I said what? she said taint your balls, taint your ass.
by will via Matt Brady April 28, 2004
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The word badlands is used to describe something good that is/has happening/happened. It can be used in the place of "badass", "sweet", "sick", "ill" etc...

The origin of this word was from a sweatshirt bought at american apparel in nyc.
Jenna, you look mad badlands right now
by jananddan October 11, 2010
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