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The love of looking - the derivation of pleasure from the act of looking. Can be both sexual and nonsexual.
Jeff: I was looking out my window last night, and saw these two dikes going at each other in the apartment across the street - and I got off like an Icelandic vulcano!
Terry: Nothing wrong with a quiet moment of sweet contemplative scopophilia!
by Cumfeedah May 26, 2010
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A load of cum worn visibly - most often on the face.
Brother! Why would you suggest, that my girlfriend is cheating on me??
Kemosabe - she swung by the pizzaria yesterday, still wearing the badge of honor on her face!
by Cumfeedah May 26, 2010
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To deposit semen in the oral cavity of a receptor, who in turn ingests the load.
Michael: She was looking kinda hungry, so I cumfed her till she passed out.
Father Joe: You are such a great guy! It is a noble act to cumfeed the needy.
Michael: Indeed.
by Cumfeedah May 26, 2010
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