Boy back fist too much.
Yuh love back fist too much daaagggg....
by Chad The Great November 21, 2016
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(Vulgar) Jamaican slang
Refers to the act of pulling the penis back and forth with the hand in the shape of a fist, usually till ejaculation occurs.

To masturbate or jerk off
Everyday, a big man like you just stays at your yard, backing your fist. Waste man style that, dawg!
by Tropical Rythms August 2, 2020
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The jamaican term for masturbating.

Comes from the action made when doing so (the back and forth action of your fist)
*watching some porn*
"i think i jus goin go back my fist now"

"Dawg, mi a go home and back mi fist"
"YUTE! You need a girl!"
by BobbySox June 19, 2009
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