gum that has already been chewed (especially if placed under a desk or chair)
If you chew that abc gum you could get someone's germs.
by The Return of Light Joker January 11, 2008
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Gum that has already been chewed,by someone other then yourself. (already been chewed)
matt: Yo man you want some gum?

brian: Naww man thats abc gum
by g-bus May 09, 2010
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Already been chewed gum

Gum that has been exchanged or stolen in the process of making out/kissing
Girl - *snap snap snap*
Boy - Hey you stole my abc gum. How dare you!
*Boy kisses girl and takes back his abc gum, thus making it double ABC gum*
by zebra_stripesRcool May 23, 2005
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ABC Gum is chewing gum that has 'A'lready 'B'een 'C'hewed. Hence the name, ABC .
Random guy: Hey, do you have any gum?
Another Random guy: Ya here's some!
The first Random guy: No thanks! That's ABC gum! Yuck!!!
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Really bad Already Been Chewed gum. (Hence the name abc👌)
Oh dude I went to the arcade just to find some fucking abc gum under the hockey table! Man that gum tasted bad never die Already Been Chewed gum
by Yourmomsathot March 21, 2018
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