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Keep to one self kind of person. Oftenly awkward and weird. But once found her right friend/love, she will go all out to make sure that person knows how she feels. Beautiful in a unique way and funny yet oftenly being laugh AT instead of WITH.
I've always known an Azzah like her. Shes funny but i cant help but to laugh ag here.
by Jumpy Starfish December 27, 2016
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After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
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The best person to be around and so nice. She is funny and is always making people smile. Knowing an azzah is a great because she always takes care of her friends. People that have things in common get along better with her. She likes to go on adventures and to make great memories and have fun! She are very athletic and love to push themselves. Azzahs are very pretty and confident. Even though she thinks guys don't find her attractive, she is, but she is very humble about it:) When she walks into a room people brighten up. Her sense of humor always makes people laugh and smile, however; some people choose to laugh at her and she fine with it.
wow that girl azzah is so much fun! i can't wait to we become such good friends:)
by photopaper:) June 28, 2017
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