The true definition of "AZN": a short way of saying asian. Nothing else. Doesnt nessesarily mean an asian that thinks he's gangster, has asian pride, high school asian drop out, or anything else. The origin came from the internet when other people shortened the way of saying asian to AZN(just like LoL=laugh out loud,KiT=keep in touch,WtF=what the fu**, etc.) This is true because I study urban slang and the origin didnt even come from asians. In fact, its really just a way some people type asian in the internet(white people even type AZN instead of asian 'cause it's faster to type). So people who claims that azn is just a retarded way asians say asian are wrong because asians were not the first one to say "AZN"
did u see that hot azn?
by Urban Slang Teacher December 4, 2005
Asians (mainly from California) who shame their race by bleaching their hair blonde and trying to develop the personality of a 'ghetto' negro. Ironically, these azn's do nerdy things such as hang out in arcades playing Tekken and DDR, but they still uphold their 'ghetto' personna online in chat rooms and blogs/xanga accounts.
azn: look, my hair is blonde
white guy: you're not white

azn: yO nIgUh?
black guy: you ain't black

azn: got rice?
asian guy: you're not asian
by someone who is asian August 19, 2005
1.) Shortened form of Asian.

2.) Today, commonly used by non-Asians to identify themselves as Asians. This can be contributed to the fact that most self-respecting Asians would not be caught dead doing some of the actions "AzN's" perform on the internet.
AzNpRyDe: MaI H0nDa i2 FaSt!!!!11!!!

Manawski: What.
by Manawski February 27, 2003
A shortened word for Asian. Doesn't have to mean an Asian above the rest or thinks he or she is better than so and so.

Usually used on the internet to identify one's self as Asian.
aznchix, azndancer, aznhunk, etc.
by sticker March 5, 2005
retarded form of "asian."
immature children who's eyes have not been open to the world who claim "asian pride," usually high school/high school drop outs and under with bleached hair that spend their days at the local arcade playing DDR, also types "LyKe Dis On thE InTerNeTzZzZz"
"AzN pRydE, AzN tIL i DiE" WhOo HooOo i'm A DumBaSs DaT doEsnT knnO hOw To tyPe aNd EmBarRAsZz My rAcE anD EthNiCiTy by ClaiMinG PrYde WheN i dUn EBeN knO hOw To SpEaK iN mY nAtiVe TonGuE... PeACe OUtERsZZzz..
by youfoo January 12, 2003
The younger asians or non asians that profess that they are better than everyone else (even though they are not). Signs of the "Asian retards" are:
(1) Typing in alternating CAPS and lowercase letters.
(2) Using words such as: dis, dat, sho, da, ETC.
(3) Claiming that Asians are the best even though they don't know shit about their own heritage.
(4) *sigh* I hoped it wouldn't come to this. The dreaded "Got Rice?" song...
Azns are not Asians.
by Yukira Tsurama July 3, 2003
the niggers of the asian race

all races have these
black people have the original niggers
white people have wiggers
asian people have azns
azn guy: yo nigga, why u actin like you all white and shit. you white washed or somethin nigga?

asian guy: shut the fuck up. go back to school and learn how to speak, you make our race look bad.
by mr. goh July 23, 2006