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1. Purest form, pious, perfect thing or a person for a situation

2. Small brown Brampton girl, who is in a constant state of orgasm, and turns everyone on

3. Queen of the universe
Does this juice have artificial flavor?
No, this is made of azka oranges

Drinking cold water is azka in scorching heat

"Aaahhh ummm aaahh omg azka aah"
by rsma February 18, 2017
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Azka is most likely a thicc girl, that is incredibly smart. Her eyes is what makes her stand out among others. She is determined and amazing in every way. Although all of this is true, there are also flaws about Azka. She can be extremely chatty or way too shy. There is no in between. You’ll be lucky if you ever meet an Azka
Carly: Hey have you met the new girl, Azka?
Max: I have! Shes cool and all but way too shy!
Carly: Really? We were talking all day long, you probably don’t know her that well yet.
Max: maybe *sees Azka walking*
Carly: Look! Its your shot
Max: *walks over to Azka* hey there! Wanna talk?
Azka: Yes! I have so much in mind!
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