A shorter version of the word AWKWARD. may also be used as code for your friends around u when talkin aloud next to a awkward person. ( AWWWWWWKEEEEEEEY!)
god that was a fucking awky silence. he is awky, she is awky.
by yourawky October 2, 2006
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Shortened form of awkward, weird, odd, abnormal, different from the norm
Your a big awky looking kid... Almost like shrek.
by shrek looking mother January 9, 2010
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adj. used to describe a silly and/or stupid action or saying. When someone thinks they are being impressive,cool,or hood when in fact they are not, At All.
SR: "Shawn got 'SMASH SQUAD', the name he made up for him and his friends, written in big letters on his car window."
MR: "What?!...He is so awky."
by Melissa R August 9, 2006
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Awkies - To outline that an awkward moment is taking place and can also be used as a quick escape

Peter - How funny was that thing Dylan said
Robin - Not at all
*Dylan Hears*
Robin & Peter - Awkies
by BLANK! February 9, 2011
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Another expression for Awkward. The word itself is awkward giving light to the situation and somewhat paying out yourself
BOY: Hello

GIRL: I'm good thanks

GIRL: Awkies
by Rachie Cakes January 21, 2011
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adj. awkward, phrase used to describe a particularly awkward situation.
-We were making out in the kitchen and then his mom and little sister walked in on us.
-Oh, man, awkies...
by misstrionics June 9, 2005
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Colloquial; meaning awkward; commonly used by adolescents in weird or tense situations.
Dude 1: How great was my party the other night?!
Dude 2: Um, i wasn't invited..
Dude 1: AWKIES.. *walks away*
by coinlaundry September 12, 2010
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