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used to describe the weekend luke and i are having
this weekend was awic...obviously
by ivyyyyy October 13, 2007
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The perfect word to describe something out of this world, amazing, unbelievable, and redonkulous.

Derived from 2 words; Amazing and Wicked to form one word that describes crazy situations, events, and predicaments.

The word originated from a drunken text by a gentleman, who goes by the name of ButterS, in a Seattle hotel room.

The Actual Text: "Dear Fellas, I'm back in the hotel room. Sorry I left you guys at the club, but I just had to follow this girl back to her hotel room. This is AWICS!!!
Last night drinks were flowing, girls were flocking, and I ended up hooking up with a really fine blonde. Last night was AWICS!!

Mila Kunis is AWICS!!!
by pierre604 June 17, 2011
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awesome plus epic used at the same time pronounced awe-ic
The movie "Gettin da Munchies" was awic. MO MONEY! All future horrible movies ivy and i will rent
by crackaplease October 13, 2007
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