"aw hell!! i got a F on the test"
"aw hell i just got a new car!"

"suck my dick bitch"
....aw hell thug 2.
by dont worry bout it. November 28, 2006
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African American version of 'hell no'. MUST be preceeded by "Awe", and with the emphasis on the word "hell".

Used to describe an intense sense of shock and outrage.
Hairdress #1: "Taisha just axed me fo' the third time if she could get her hair did for free."

Hairdresser #2: Awe, HAYELL no!
by Blaxtress December 4, 2004
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The highest humanly possible level of fatness, recently discovered by Dr. Gabriel Iglesias. The previous top level of fatness was considered to be "dayum".
Person 1: "Dude, look at that fat guy."
Person 2: "Aw hell no!"
by Thuggy D July 21, 2010
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used to express the incredulity of someones statement. often followed with an insult.
jermaine: your momma's so fat when they gave her a c-section they found a mc-rib.
tyrone: aw hell no
tyrone:your mommas so dumb that when she sees a stop sign she stays there all day.
by el hijo de gringo June 30, 2011
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A different version of saying "Oh hell no", usually used with an accent.
John: I'm going to go get a massage

His wife: Aw HELL Naw!
by TheDudeWithTude September 16, 2010
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