People who just don't give a Fuck.
"A Waste."

they go against what is onsidered the "Norm"
and partake in true innovativeness.
they are not a stereotype. only few people are truly "Avant Garde" in the true sense of the term.
Jenny tried to be Avant-Garde but she did not have a single original thought in her head.
by M.A.V January 09, 2010
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1. a pretentious way to call something pretentious (if you're an idot/hack/wanker), typically accompanied by a sarcastic smirk of perceived superiority and the speech pattern often associated with witty remarks, but missing the intelligent aspect of such;

2. a segue into snark, when bumbling blowhards overuse the word to describe things that aren't even remotely avant garde;

3. a way to acknowledge the originality (and often, the unconventionality) of a work, typically with the implication that it is advancing its medium rather that simply being ludicrous, whilst eschewing the ethnocentric desire to make such a comment in one's native tongue (assuming you're not French).
1. *Looking at abstract art and rolling eyes* "This is so avant garde." *smirks, sighs, and walks away to repeat this pattern with all other paintings in MOMA, tiring his/her over-smirked face in the process*.

2. "Have you guys seen Transformers 5 yet?"

"It's pretty avant garde guys you should all check it out!"
"What do you mean by 'avant garde'?"
"I mean uh, that it was pretty damn cool."
"Shut the fuck up and die."
"No really," *pulls out knife due to anti-gun laws*

"...I've had it with people like you who hear some word on O'Reilly's word of the day and shit it out as if you actually understand what it means and what context it should be used in."

*stabs person to death in the skull in a triangular fashion, then pulls out said persons eyes and places them inside the triangular hole, vomits in it, and remarks*
"Now that is avant garde."

3. Such and such work: "___insert work here___", "is Avant-garde".
by Sudonihymn August 11, 2011
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Person 1: "Post-modernism is so avant garde."

Person 2: "I know. It's quite awful, isn't it?"
by haaaaaze September 15, 2009
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Someone who thinks they are "too cool for school". They think they have the flyest kicks, and gear bruh. Usually can be seen wearing skinny jeans, and a cardigan, with matching nike sb's. they think they are ahead of their time, even though all the other db's are wearing the same thing.

Generally these are the people you think are faggots.

They are trying to be trend setters, for trends already set,homo.
HAHAH bruh, check out that faggot over there, he thinks he is avant garde.
by M-arsh May 03, 2009
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something boring that has intentionally been made annoyingly visually unsatisfying, unmusical, or otherwise obtuse in order to convince the listener, viewer, or reader that its creators are interesting and intelligent.
That noise band with the circuit bent greeting cards was totally avant garde.
by alphaminus May 15, 2014
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