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Anything that President Barack Obama does or any challenge that he is faced with.
"President Obama's trip to China was unprecedented."

"When President Obama passed the unprecedented stimulus package, it was because of an unprecedented economic crisis."

"Obama is faced with the unprecedented dilemma of inheriting two unprecedented wars. I'm sure whatever he does to handle them will be unprecedented... Even if it's a troop surge."

"I can't wait to see what unprecedented method he comes up with to deal with the unprecedented deficit."
by haaaaaze November 25, 2009

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the French word for "bullshit"
Person 1: "Post-modernism is so avant garde."

Person 2: "I know. It's quite awful, isn't it?"
by haaaaaze September 15, 2009

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-A social science discipline with a contemporaneous logical framework that's based completely on the assumption that scarcity is a problem intrinsic to society. The effect of which justifies greed as a virtue.

-An institutional requirement for dime-a-dozen business majors, usu. taught by middle-aged, overly opinionated, white males in need of serious cultural experiences.

-Taught by sports coaches in high school as the study of "common sense."
Teacher: "Economics studies how a society chooses to allocate its scarce resources among alternative uses."

Student: "What if the society's resources cease to be scarce?"

Teacher: "How is that even possible?"

Student: "The society's productivity meets or exceeds the point of what it needs to sustain itself."

Teacher: "But individual material DESIRES are infinite!"

Student: "Only in a society that breeds such nonsense."
by haaaaaze September 13, 2009

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