autry is the nicest best human ever he will be there for you no matter what and will get along with ones of his own nature
autry is my favorite human!
by yeyetete December 5, 2019
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autry is a smart pretty and all around amazing girl she is very athletic and loving everyone loves her!
Autry looks very pretty today.
by 69ur69mom69 September 23, 2019
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Literally the opposite of "selfie":
Be photographed by another person the old fashioned way. Often (previously) asking a third person "Could you please make of photo of me/us?".
Derived from the French "autre" other resp. "autrui" others imitative to the rhyme of "selfie"
After having made some selfies, he asked a passer-by to make a real autrie.

While selfies are more intimate, an autrie is much more formal with a correct perspective.
by ThePhysopher June 29, 2017
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Don't be such an whackass like Autry
by It's a wap November 1, 2020
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A made up movie title that people in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago invented during the 1940s
Person One: What pictures did you see at the double feature last night?

Person Two: Champion and Who Shit In Gene Autry's Bag?

Person One: Haha
by El Bimbo December 14, 2010
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Someone who is short and who likes to taze and slap people very frequently. If you anger or disturb this person too much, she will most likely defend herself by biting but most often just slapping. Not to worry these slaps do not hurt. She loves drama and also when you ask how her day was she gives one word answers such as "yes" or "thanks" or "cool". She also is the next on the list for this guy named Riley.
You see a blonde girl with non-brushed hair....It's no doubt Leah Autry
by yaboinaynaybrown May 22, 2019
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