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The name for a discredited theory that transgender women are merely sexual perverts. The idea is that trans women get aroused by the thought of being women, and because of that arousal go on to present as women.

It is not possible because of gender dysphoria, the idea that it is uncomfortable to present for an extended period of time as the other gender. As soon as such a person ceased to be aroused, he would become very uncomfortable indeed.

That it is incredible, and divorced from reality, does not stop transphobes from using it to attack trans women and feel good about themselves excluding us.
"All trans women have autogynephilia. They're all disgusting and should not be allowed near children."
by Argyllshire Lassie June 27, 2016
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A sexuality that consists of someone being aroused by the idea of themselves being the opposite sex. Not to be confused with transsexualism, which is a medical condition defined by sex dysphoria.

Autogynephiles are a source of false information about transsexual people, and are very harmful to the medical care of transsexuals, as they make a lot of people believe that transsexualism is the result of autogynephilia. Autogynephiles are also known as crossdreamers as an attempt to seem less dangerous.
Autogynephiles often go through medical transition to satisfy their fetish, and will often cause themselves discomfort, or dysphoria, with their sex as a result. Autogynephilia is harmful to transsexuals, as autogynephiles are a large part of the de-transitioning demographic that makes medical care for transsexuals difficult to acquire.
by HintHint June 13, 2014
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