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A sexual fetish or paraphilia common among trans women, consisting of a persistent desire to have her authentic identity validated during sexual activity.

Symptoms include positive attitudes towards sex, improved personal hygiene, and augmented self-discipline, especially with respect to diet and exercise. Known risk factors are a desire to cope with a bad situation, affinity for lesbian porn, and an inability to feel present during sex unless presenting as a woman. If you or someone you know exhibits these qualities, they may be completely normal women whose behaviors are pathologized by a bigoted, sex-negative public and should be given titty skittles and headpats.

Oftentimes, the disease begins when the trans woman, horribly abused throughout childhood for her feminine tendencies, nevertheless holds on to a tiny sliver of her true self, a single ray of hope to guide her in a hostile world until she can jump through the hoops necessary to receive treatment. As the disease progresses, the trans woman will usually identify as a crossdresser for a period of time, mostly because of gatekeeping, transmisogyny, and internalized transphobia, before accepting herself and beginning to medically transition.

Long-term, autogynephilia is associated with software engineering, sex work, kink, polyamory, secretly continuing to watch sissy porn, and a goth phase which may resolve in 5 year.
Autogynephilia is a normal phase of a trans lesbian's sexual development.

Hey Ray Blanchard, did you hear that your theory of autogynephilia is sexist and transphobic, and that cis women respond similarly when administered your survey?
by BrieSpoke July 07, 2018
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