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Verb: The act of looking yourself up on Google, to see, for the sake of your ego, how many websites appear relating to you. One types in their full name in quotation marks. Works well if you have an unusual name, and badly for a common name!
"I autogoogled the other day, and over 100 sites came up. I must be really cool!"
by Matt Sperrin May 07, 2006
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1) Verb; The act of automatically typing "" into your browser, instead of the website you actually wanted, because you are so accustomed to using Google for everything.

2) Noun; the internet equivalent of being in 'autopilot', being in 'autogoogle' causes you to navigate to Google without even thinking about it.
1) "Ahh man, my friend asked me to read her blog but I autogoogled and ended up searching through pictures of LOLcats for 3 hours... goddamit"

2) A - "FML, I wanted to check my Facebook but I typed in Google's address instead - it must be embedded in my brain or something!

B - "Nah, you're just in autogoogle"
by Claro90 March 21, 2011
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