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when you make a smiley ---> ;) while aiming and it automatically transforms into those stupid ugly looking ones.
UGH i hate auto smiles!!
whenever i make a smiley it morphs into a more realistic, accurate one.
by toucansaresexy! March 17, 2009
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The act of smiling automatically. A genuine smile that can not be suppressed because of happiness or excitement. An automatic reaction to smile.
"I just saw the cutest golden retriever puppy, and I totally auto-smiled all the way home!"

"I saw that cute guy/girl at the coffee shop and I don't know what it is about him/her, but I auto-smile when I see him/her."

"I know I've only been seeing him/her for a month, but I auto-smile every time I see a text from him/her."
by merlin88 February 18, 2013
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