In some other countries, they are used as nice, more loving words to address closely related older women.
"Aunty Shamita Shetty is way more classy and dignified than it requires"
by alex hales January 30, 2022
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An auntie is that one person who's blessed to have a sibling who gave birth. These aunties tend to be better than the mom's because they can give them back anytime they'd like and have a magical bond that allows the niece/nephew to trust the auntie and tell them anything. These kids will become your life. One day you'll quickly realize that food and these kids are the main reasons you're living.
"Auntie you're my best friend!!"

"Auntie can we do this? No, I want to do this!"
*starts to whine and cry* "Hey sister I have to go, here are your kids!"
by Ihaveafatcat April 22, 2017
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A woman who ain’t a afraid to fight another Aunty who’s been hitting up her man.

Left uncle cause he’s a snagging fuck.

Always got a twisted tea in her hand.

Will square up for her nephew.

Makes real deadly dream catchers.
“Mah pass Aunty a twisted already.”

“You’ve been texting my man er what? They don’t call me Aunty on this rez for nothing.”
“Bro I snagged your Aunty last night, don’t gotta call me uncle or nothing bro.”
by YourLocalRezPriest December 7, 2020
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An adult female who is involved to some extent in an African American child's life; can be mother's sister but is not necessarily so.
Momma said to go to Auntie LaJuana's house after school.
by dorothy December 31, 2005
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"Tryig to pull the aunties"

"Making a good impression on the aunties"

"got some good looking aunites around here"
by BlahBlahLady May 17, 2012
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A desi(south asian) woman who has all of the following characteristics:
1) has a thick desi accent when talking in English
2) talks in English to be cool
3) pinches your cheeks and calls you beta or glares at u and calls u batameez
4) chases people with chappals
5) smells like curry
6) asks you to marry her son the first time you meet her
7) is a fob.
That auntie offered me "ass cream" .. it took me a whole 10 mins to figure out she was referring to ice cream.

After discovering I'm in my last year of medical school, this auntie declared I was going to marry her son.
by AsianPranksta June 23, 2010
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Big aunties who chug twisted teas with there stomach hanging out chillin on the Rez hoein around
Ehh cuzhin, your that auntie from last night was wild tuguy

Sippin teas w the aunties cha
by Bannock bum November 10, 2020
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