P1: yr mum giey

P2: yr dad lesbian

P1: yr granny tranny
P2: *cries of sadness* your brother an other

God: your aunt bi

*the universe restarts itself*
Your aunt bi is something that you use carefully
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She is a woman who is to be feared.
Dont upset Your Aunt Esther or you will crash and burn.
by ButchNochance February 3, 2022
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“Aunt Ruthy”; adj., description;
If you are to describe someone as an “Aunt Ruthie”, you are describing a person who complains about the state of their own physical health, a hypochondriac and gives you descriptions, that are quite repugnant, of their inexhaustible lists of ailments, and the disgusting attributes associated with them.
Karen goes on and on about her disgusting ailments, what an “Aunt Ruthie”!
by LT. ZEE August 17, 2019
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