A typical school extra-curricular club that in the 60s - early 90s used to be very nerdy and uncool. Now, AV has become very advanced, you get to learn about the recording industry, getting students ready usually to get a good college for audio recording. Jobs include running live sound for concerts and plays, and lighting design. Can be a very rewarding experience. WARNING: May lead to catching the audiophile fever.
Audio Visual was fun today. We got to skip half of our classes to run audio for a show.
by alexis123 June 17, 2008
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A term for high school students in the 60's that were nerds/geeks. True audio visuals spent their time playing ping-pong on the computer and were usually members of the chess, math, and science clubs. AV's got their name because of their extensive knowledge in electronics (audio visual) which was uncommon in the 60's. These pioneers grew up to become the leaders in today's computer/science industry.
"let's go beat up the AV kid"
"that audio visual spends most of his time taking apart game systems and putting them back together"

AV kid 1: let's go play some chess after i finish my homework
AV kid 2: (snort laugh) ...tubular
by alanalauren November 15, 2006
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a game on roblox, where it consists of listening to music and socializing with people in chat. tho it’s very chaotic, you encounter some decent people. a lot of “yo mama” and “deez nuts” jokes you will encounter in game. while you can meet new homies, you also have scumbags who think every dark topic is hilarious. you have the cool players vs hated.
yo mama: “wanna play audio visualizer?”
random idiot: “sure!”
by yo mama (sus) June 4, 2021
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“Audio Visualizer” is a music-centric socializer hangout game on ROBLOX that consists of a public chatroom and a built-in scripted music player, created and developed by user Dummiez. A list of commands can be shown when a player types ‘/help’ - said player can use these commands to improve their performance and ‘gameplay’. There is no real objective to this game besides playing any audio of your choice from the ROBLOX library, sharing a channel so listeners can listen along to your music, or by chatting alongside other players using the chat-box function.

This game has been known locally to cater to a nicely sized community called ‘AV Players/Regulars’ to which you may see the same group of usernames while playing. This community can be welcoming and fun, though chaotic in every way possible. There are a lot of very interesting people that play this game.

… Just don’t ask how to share a channel. You will get lied to every single time.
Player #1: Wanna play Audio Visualizer?
Player #2: OMG! I would love to!
Player #3: how did you guys get into my house
by audio visualizer’s #1 hater September 7, 2021
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