A period lasting at least an hour of listening to awesome music by the most fantastic band ever made (MUSE) whilst reading and looking at anything associated with them.
Guy: 'Duuude why were you liking so many MUSE groups on facebook? And continually saying how underrated 'Sing for Absolution' was?'
Girl: 'Sorry man, I went on a bit of a Muse-athon - but hey, at least it's not some sucky twelve year old girl' (see Justin Bieber)
by Bassjungle August 21, 2010
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A word coined by an UD editor, w00Fdawg, in Oct 2005.

The word refers to when an UD editor goes on a rampage and edits a lot of (say 500 or more) words in a short time.
w00fdawg declared Claymuir had been on a edit-athon.
by claymuir October 4, 2005
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Endlessly watching newsclips,TV shows and the YouTube videos about Barack Obama.
The woman is obsessed! Her life has become one big Barack-athon!
by sweetpatootie November 27, 2008
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A fucking marathon created for and to all the goddamn snitches to prove them self’s and saw who can snitch the most.
Guy 1 (I’m bad in thinking names so STFU):Men, everyone is fucking trying to unmasking me...

Guy 2: Wtf is this anyway? A Snitch-athon?
by Tacoboy_69 April 5, 2019
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The name for an often public and ostentatious display of affection. Typically of the offensive and unappealing variety, an Get-it-on-athon is something to the liking of an NC-17 movie acted out in real life, for prolonged periods of time in a fairly public setting.
"Ugh, did you see those people in the front of the movie theater having a Get-it-on-athon in front of everyone? so disgusting," said Kaiti.
"Yeah, honestly that's when you need to leave 8 dollar movie and check into a thirty five dollar hotel. So nasty." said Hannah.
by zoewondrpup February 25, 2011
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To watch a various Vine videos online at once.

To watch a day or hours worth of Vines.
Clint: I went on a vine-athon last night on YouTube and my neck hurt like hell.
by La French June 26, 2014
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When you shoot your load in all three of her holes in one night.

Bronze medal for prevention of all holes.

Silver medal cumming in 2 out of 3.

Gold for the full Tri-cum-athon.
We decided to do a Tri-cum-athon for our anniversary. Got a gold medal!
by Arthur Heath May 14, 2021
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