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A pompous blow-hard with little or no redeeming social value much like a terd which hangs from the anus and requires you to make it "dance like a puppet" to get it to fall into the toilet.
Steven is a total asspuppet.
by David December 09, 2003
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someone who acts as a puppet for someone else, as in they have a hand up one's ass controlling one's mouth

see also butt puppet

also used as a general name for any ass puppet. may be hyphenated (ass-puppet)
Keagy's hand was so far up ass-puppet his ring's make you think Dickskin had gold teeth
by n6ko January 20, 2003
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one who acts, or is forced to act, as a tool to do an ass clown's bidding
Jason finally tired of being Matthew's ass puppet.
by Jackscolon September 16, 2003
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turd that hangs from you shitter by a couple of threads of spent food.
Honey grab me the scissors, I need to cut this dangling ass puppet.
by LocalHero June 02, 2005
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Someone who doesnt have enough personality to be considered human, but a as an asspuppet
Big Daddy and Spoofyoris are ass puuppets!
by ketchup2k3 September 16, 2004
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Some one who talks all kinds of shit thru their ass almost as if strings were attached to their turd cutter
Brian,the shit talking pickle puffer he is,was being a freaking asspuppet when he tried denying his true love for the shim
by Rob(pcm at the shore) January 18, 2003
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A term of endearment used by closers to define the cute little sales-monkeys who close 3-4 a month. An individual who has a tendency to underwhelm. One who doesn't accept high-value performance based bets because he/she knows they will lose at least $1,000.00.
a: "Hey, did you hear about Hergert and his 3 sales?" "Yeah, what an Ass Puppet."

by Guy On Internet May 21, 2008
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